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Frequently Asked Questions.

This page is due to be updated with questions on the new system so keep looking.

The following are some older questions from our previous web site.

If you have a question please email it to sales@eraildb.co.uk and we will include the answer to it on this page.

How up to date is the data in ERD.

The information in ERD is updated to the information contained in Todays Railways for December 2011 for the following countries; BELGIUM, HOLLAND, LUXEMBOURG, FRANCE, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, POLAND and SWITZERLAND. For the CZECH & SLOVAK Republics it was updated in 2010.  For the UK it is updated to December 2011.

Does ERD run on Microsoft Access? If so, which version?

The software currently runs on all Windows operating systems since XP and you do not need Microsoft Access installed to run the software as the runtime system is provided as part of ERD.

ERD, however, been written using Access 2010 and if you have this already on your system I can provide a version of the software without the runtime files so that you can run it with your own Access shell.

Can I install ERD on more than one computer.

No - the software is licensed to run on one PC only but registered users can purchase additional licences at much reduced costs.

What sort of updates will be available and at what cost?

Every year starting in 2012 a CD will be available which will update the data included in ERD for those who throughout the year have not updated it themselves.

It is hoped that the program itself will be updated each year not just the data so if you would like ERD to do something yourself just let us know and we will see if it can be incorporated.

The Data updates will include:

What are system requirements - is a copy of Excel required or is it hosted on another program?

The only system requirement is that you should be using the Windows operating system (XP, Vista, Windows 7) as ERD is a self sufficient stand alone program using Microsoft Access 2010. The Access runtime files are included with the system so Access is not required to be installed on your machine. Excel is not required as the system is a database not a spreadsheet,

Is data printable based on user selected extract(s) from database?

The data is fully printable in a variety of formats and you can choose which data to print out - it is very flexible.

Does Class Details include manufacturer/type / date entered service / works number / propulsion (DE/DH/DM/Electric, etc) / wheel formation / power / weight / max speed, etc?

All of the items you mention for class details are included except works number as this is relevant to a particular vehicle rather than a class. Works numbers are not included in the stock details.

Are existing/previous unit numbers included? 

There is a field for previous multiple unit numbers as well as for current numbers and original numbers but I have only included current numbers for multiple units.

For UK diesel and electric locomotives however all numbers carried including the pre tops "D" and "E" numbers are included as is the date withdrawn. All diesel and electric locomotives ever run by BR are included in the data base and all existing steam locomotives are there as is on track plant and coaching stock for the UK. No wagon details are included however but if enough people want them I will produce a data update to include them.

How is information on user, owner and lessor stored? 

There is a field for operator and the owner field is used to denote whether the vehicle is state owned, privately owned or museum stock as that seems to be more interesting to most users as long as the operator is known.