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The ABOUT MY ERD tab is the first tab you see when you start ERD up. It contains some important information in the form of your activation code and serial reference.

The first thing you will notice, though, is the table of Installed Countries. This gives information on the numerical quantities of vehicles contained in the database for each type of vehicle.

The following screen shot shows the About tab and indicates that this particular installation contains data on 21 countries. The combined version of ERD contains full detail on 11 countries but also contains some details of private locos in 10 other countries. The table indicates the number of vehicles of each type in each country and for this particular example there are 5741 electric locos in Germany and 3108 diesel locos in Poland. The table can show either the totals for All Stock or for operational stock depending on which of the two radio buttons below the table is selected.

On this particular installation there are 3336 operational electric locos in Germany and 2597 operational diesel locos in Poland.

Om the About My ERD tab you will also find data on the numerical quantities of Operating Stock together with totals of those seen and hauled so that you get a constant reminder of how well you are doing. This data is also shown visually by means of a horizontal bar which changes colour as you mark stock as seen.

On the tab you will also find a link which will open a browser and immediately take you to this web site which will be updated and expanded regularly.

About Tab

The Ribbon.

The screen shot of the ABOUT MY ERD tab also shows the ribbon above the tab. The ribbon is the way that Microsoft has provided for all Office 2010 applications as a means of controlling programs and ERD makes extensive use of this.

The following shot shows an enlarged view of the ribbon area.

The release version of ERD contains three ribbon tabs. These are named "File", "Add-Ins" and "ERD Menu." The tab that is used most often is the ERD Menu. The other tab shown on the screen shot, named "Acrobat," is not available on the release version of the software.

The screens, forms and windows through which the user interacts with the data are all accessed through the ERD Menu simply by pointing at the required function and clicking the mouse. So, for example, to see the window which gives details of the vehicles in the database, which is the Stock Records, window you simply need to point to Stock and click the mouse button. In a similar fashion to see the defined classes in the database simply point at Classes and click the mouse button.