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Depots in ERD.

Depot Listing.

This tab is accessed by selecting Depots on the ERD Menu and gives a listing of all the depots in each country currently defined in ERD. It also shows the depot codes, regions, total allocation, locos likely to be present and a tick box which records when you have visited the depot. Those depots you have visited are highlighted in green if the highlight option is selected and the depot report shown below can also be highlighted in green to show depots visited if required.

You can choose the country or region to be displayed from the selection boxes at the top of the form and turn off the ability to edit the data if you wish.

By double clicking the depot code when in the Allow Edits mode or by pressing the Depot Detail Form button the Full Depot Report shown below will appear.

New depots can be added to the system by scrolling through the records using the side slider bar and adding them in the empty row at the bottom of the form.

depot listing

Full Depot Record.

The full depot record is accessed by pressing the Detail Detail Depot Form button or by double clicking the depot code and is shown below.

A photograph of your choice which is located anywhere on your computer system can be related to each depot and would appear on the Full Depot Window as well as the hardcopy depot report shown below.

You can make your own notes about the depot such as what you saw when you visited it or a tale about how somebody with you bumped his head or whatever. There is also space for you to record directions of how to get to the depot for next time you visit.

full depot

Hardcopy Reports.

Hardcopy reports are available in a variety of formats which give details of depots and by clicking on the following links examples of the available reports will open in a new window.

A4 Depot Listing Report with highlighting.

A4 Single Depot Report with stock allocation.

The Depot Codes Listing hardcopy report is accessed by pressing the Reports button on the Depot Listing Tab and print outs can be in a variety of formats ranging from A4 through A5 to A6 booklet format all of which can be highlighted to indicate if you have visited the depot.

The single depot report is obtained from the Full Depot Record screen and includes, additionally, a list of stock allocated to the Depot.