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Stock Reallocation

A tab is provided which is designed specifically for re-allocating stock to new depots or operators and this is the Stock Reallocation tab which is accessed from the ERD Menu. A screen shot of the Stock Reallocation Tab is shown below.

The window has the usual selection boxes where you choose the data to be viewed and to change the depot of a particular vehicle you simply type in the new code or choose it from the drop down list box for that vehicle.

In a similar fashion the Operator Code for the vehicle can also be changed.

If you need to change other information for the vehicle such as its livery code then by double clicking the number or by pressing the Full Record button the Full Detail window for that vehicle appears where you can edit the data as you wish.

There is also a Reset Selection button which resets all selection boxes to their default values if you have typen data into them. This saves you having to delete each item individually.

stock relocation