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The Trip Reports Page.

On this page you can access reports of various trips made to Europe.

If you would like to have a record of your own European Trip published here just send us an email with the report as an attachment and we will publish it for all to see and benefit from.

I go to Europe usually about three times every year and there are sometimes seats free in the car. If you would like to join us on a trip please send me an email. This year we have been to Germany and the trip report is below, In September we will be off to Poland for six days and Oct/Nov it will be France. The cost of the German Trip worked out at about £400 and two of us went sharing the costs for a six day trip so it is quite reasonable.

Country Report By Description
Germany Brian Leighton Berlin, Hamburg and the North 2012
Germany Mervyn John Circular: Stuttgart-Hor-Halle-Seelze-Koln-Mannheim 2012
Poland Mervyn John Southern Poland 2012