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The Class Details Table.

This table contains information about the vehicle classes defined within ERD.

All of the data can be edited but the class field is related to the LOCOS table so it should not be changed or deleted.


Fields in the Class Details Table.

Field Description Example Record Data
country The country where the vehicle class is most likely to be found. Related to the countries table. BELGIUM
type The type of vehicle. This field is related to the types table. EMU
class A code which designates the class of the vehicle. Related to the same code in the class table which contains full information on the classes in ERD. 1275
class_name A more descriptive name for the class of vehicle Baby Deltic
picture_title A title for your typical picture of the class. D2302 at Barrow Hill on 13th May 2006
wheel_arrangement The wheel arrangement of the class. Bo Bo
built The years during which the class of locomotives was built. 1973-82
builder The name of the builder of the class. There may be other builders. Hunslett
engine_power The power rating of the engine in kW. 878
transmission Type of transmission used for the class. electric
max_tractive_effort The maximum tractive effort achievable by the class of vehicles in kN 177
weight The total working weight of the vehicle in tonnes. 80
driving_wheel_diameter The diameter of the vehicle driving wheels in mmj. 1143
length_over_buffers The total length of the vehicle in m. 8.92
train_heating Type of train heating employed by the class. steam
max_speed The maximum speed of the class in km/hr. 120
date_all_withdrawn Users information on the ststus of the vehicle. If seen has a value of "c". If hauled has a value of "h". If needed has a value of "n". n
notes A code denoting whether the vehicle is state owned ("S"), privately owned ("P") or museum ("M"). P
photo The name carried by the vehicle. Mallard
date_first_seen Users information on the date the vehicle was seen. 12/10/2004
location_seen Users information on the location where the vehicle was first seen. Berlin HBF.
times_seen Users information containing information on the number of times the vehicle has been seen. 4
date_first_hauled Users information on the date the user was hauled by the vehicle. 15/08/1985
notes Users notes about the vehicle which can contain any information you wished such as details on subsequent sightings. Hauled from Kings Cross to Leeds on 17/06/1982. Failed at Doncaster.
comments Information about the vehicle which cannot be changed by the user. Ex DB266013-2
photo A link to a file on your system which is a photographic image of the class of vehicle. C:\My Documents\UKPhotos\66052
operator_code A code which represents the vehicle operator. Related to the operators table. ACTS
pool_code The pool code of the vehicle. UK only. WAWN
livery_code A code which describes the livery of the vehicle. UK only. FE