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The Depots Table.

This table contains information about the motiove power depots defined within ERD to which the vehicles are allocated.

All of the data can be edited but the depot field is related to the LOCOS table so it should not be changed or deleted but you can add your own depot locations if you wish.

This field is also used to hold museum locations for museum stock.


Fields in the Depots Table.

Field Description Example Record Data
country The country where the depot is located. Related to the countries table. BELGIUM
depot A code designating the depot. Related to the vehicles table. LH1

The name of the depot.


The general region where the depot is located.

Southern Region

A yes/no tick box field denoting whether or not the user has visited the depot.

notes General notes about the depot. The shed is on the east side of the main line
directions Users information about the depot location for future use.  
photo A link to a file on your computer system which contains a photographic image of the depot. C:\My Documents\UKPhotos\Seddin
picture_title A title for the picture. Seddin in the Winter.
locos_there The number of locomotives likely to be found at the depot. 50