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Haulage Records.

ERD allows you to record some details of your trips and to do this two tables are used. The Haulage table and the Trips table.


Fields in the Haulage Table.

Field Description Example Record Data
haulage-ref An auto_number field for the record. 10
trip_number The code which references the trip in the trips table. 2
country The name of the country concerned. GERMANY
date The date on which the haulage took place. 15/08/1999
arrive The time of arrival. 18.00
start_location The starting location. Derby
depart The time of departure. 20.24
loco_number1 The first loco haulage number. 43021
loco_number2 The second loco haulage number. 43084
train_details Details of the train. 20.24 Sheffield to St. Pancres.
distance The distance travelled on the journey. 125 miles


Fields in the Trips Table.

Field Description Example Record Data

The reference number of the trip. Related to the Haulage table.

trip_date The date on which the trip started. 15/08/1999
trip_title A title for the trip. France 1999
trip_notes Some notes about the trip. Can contain a full list of sightings on the trip if required. A trip around the east and west part of france